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Understanding Your Health Insurance Options in Ankeny with Maschoff Insurance

Maschoff Insurance is the go-to choice for Ankeny, IA residents when choosing a health insurance policy. Of course, it can be hard to understand your various options. To learn more about the choices that are available to you, take a closer look at the following tips and pointers. By taking the time to handle your due diligence, the process of choosing the right health insurance option has never been more straightforward.

Personalized Plans Are Best

A health insurance policy needs to be tailored to the specific concerns of the policyholder. After all, these policies are not a one-size-fits-all proposition by any stretch of the imagination. Take the time to consider your most crucial needs and personalize the plan as needed. Don’t make the mistake of following in the footsteps of friends and loved ones with differing concerns.

Review The Plan Regularly

Health insurance policies are not meant to be rigid or static. They must be reviewed regularly so that any changes can be fully accommodated. Jobs, locations, and personal circumstances can always change at the drop of a hat. That’s why the policyholder must be willing to stay proactive rather than reactive.

Choose The Right Network

Few things are more troublesome than selecting a health insurance policy that does not allow easy access to the necessary medical care. In-network care should always be prioritized so that the policyholder is not left holding the bag for any added charges that occur due to stepping outside of said network.

At Maschoff Insurance, we pride ourselves on steering Ankeny, IA residents in the right direction. If you want to increase your understanding of your health insurance options, our team is on hand and able to answer any questions you may have. Pick up the phone and give us a call as soon as possible!

Basic Guidelines to Follow When Choosing Life Insurance Coverage

Purchasing a life insurance policy will protect your loved ones in the future. Use the following tips when choosing insurance coverage to benefit your family members.

Family Members

Consider each person who is in your family. Life insurance coverage should adequately provide each member with the funding needed to survive. If your family may expand in the future, be prepared to increase your life insurance coverage as needed. 

Unique Circumstances

Consider this if anyone in your family is facing a challenge that could necessitate more funds. A preexisting medical condition, educational needs, or another financial obstacle may persuade you to seek additional life insurance coverage.

The circumstances that your loved ones are faced with may change throughout the course of your life. For this reason, updating your life insurance coverage when you think it will be beneficial is a good idea.


Term life insurance products and whole life insurance products vary. Compare various insurance types to help you determine which investment is best for you.

If you settle on a term life insurance policy, you will have coverage for a definitive amount of time. You may discover that this type of coverage is beneficial if you have young children or if some of your loved ones are actively attending college or dealing with another expensive situation.

Additional Resources

Contact an agent who represents Maschoff Insurance for more advice. One of our agents who serve Ankeny IA will describe various life insurance products that will protect your family members. You will also receive instructions on how to keep your insurance policy updated in the future.

Choosing the Right Auto Insurance in Ankeny: Tips from Maschoff Insurance

Exploring Ankeny, IA, and Beyond

As you set out to discover exciting attractions in and around Ankeny, IA, it’s paramount to begin with the right auto insurance. With the risk of potential accidents during your drives, it’s essential to have a dependable policy. At Maschoff Insurance, we’re here to guide you down that path.

Diving into Coverage Levels

Getting coverage in Ankeny, IA, the first step is to meet the state-prescribed minimums for Iowa. These include liability coverage and property damage coverage.

While meeting the state-imposed minimum coverage is a good start, you may choose to get additional coverage to protect you against high-cost accidents. Doing so ensures you aren’t left to foot the bill yourself.

Beyond the state-required coverage, you can add insurance for uninsured motorists, comprehensive coverage, rental car coverage, roadside assistance, and more.

Constructing a Customized Policy

Your vehicle type, driving habits, and parking location should influence your choice of coverage. Tailoring a policy to fit your needs, including an affordable deductible in case of claims, is key.

While many insurance companies might push unnecessary extras, a good agent can guide you through the process. They will help you understand what coverage you actually need and provide a balance of price and protection.

Discuss Your Options with Professionals

Deciding on the right auto insurance shouldn’t be a guessing game. At Maschoff Insurance, we’re here to help you both locate and afford the right policy. Please speak with one of our agents today to get insight into your driving habits. After establishing your driving profile, we can provide coverage recommendations and competitive quotes for a policy you can rely on.

Does My Business Need Commercial Insurance? What Is It?

Businesses need protection in a variety of ways. Financial liability can break a business if it’s not prepared for the bad things that can happen. Commercial insurance provides some financial protection and reduces risk for businesses. Many business owners are unaware of commercial insurance and how it can benefit their business. 

At Maschoff Insurance, servicing Ankeny, IA, we’re here to answer your questions about commercial insurance and how it can help you. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance is a type of insurance that can help many businesses. This type of insurance is sometimes called comprehensive insurance because it provides financial protection when various covered events occur. Commercial general liability insurance includes coverage for property damage, bodily injury, defending lawsuits, libel, slander, settlement bonds, and judgments. 

Does My Business Need Commercial Insurance?

Many businesses can benefit from commercial insurance because being in business involves some risk, and commercial insurance can help reduce that risk. However, commercial insurance isn’t the best type for every business. As a business owner, the only way to determine if commercial insurance is right for your business is to talk to a knowledgeable insurance agent. 

How Can I Get Commercial Insurance?

If you’re interested in getting insurance for your business, the next step to take is to speak with someone from Maschoff Insurance, servicing Ankeny, IA. Our insurance agents can help you decide whether commercial insurance is right for your business and, if so, which provides the proper coverage. Call today to make an appointment and learn more. 

Is Your Classic Car a Showpiece or a Summer Ride?

Whether it’s a restored barn find that’s high-value or a classic vehicle you purchased at auction if you’re treating your classic car as an asset, we can help you protect it at Maschoff Insurance. We’ll find quality coverage from companies that know the unique classic car market and come through for you if you need to file a claim in Ankeny, IA.

There’s a Difference Between a Nice Ride and a Great Investment on Wheels

We know that many large commercial companies don’t know how to calculate the value of rare automobiles or decide the proper amount for collision repairs from a specialist. We know that, while personal elbow grease and care may not be something they can estimate, the right parts, materials, and techniques are important to maintain value. It’s a specialized area of auto insurance, and we’re proud to offer it through our agency.

Show Cars, Parades, and Weekend Touring Cars

Sometimes, your beautiful classic car needs insurance that covers the wind in your hair and rides down long country roads in Ankeny, IA, and other beautiful towns around here. It needs state-required liability, as well as collision and uninsured drivers, just like your late-model daily driver. Our team can arrange quality coverage that lets you enjoy the ride, putting the miles on for fun and relaxation.

If you take it out for annual parades or the occasional car shows, let’s talk about limited classic car insurance that protects you when it’s on display and also when it’s in storage. After all, you don’t have to risk damage from our wild Iowa weather, theft, or even a barn falling on it. At Maschoff Insurance, we’re practical people, ensuring that your classic car investment has quality coverage in Ankeny, IA.

When is Renter’s Insurance a Good Idea?

Not everyone desires to become a homeowner, which is why there are so many rental houses available. If you’re considering renting a home in Ankeny IA, you might have several questions. One of these questions might be when renters insurance is a good idea. Maschoff Insurance in Ankeny, IA is happy to assist,

What is Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance is similar to homeowners’ insurance, as it provides coverage in case you’re sued by someone who is injured while on your rental property or your belongings are damaged in some way. It’s peace of mind for the renter as well as the homeowner/landlord in case the unfortunate were to ever happen. 

When is Renter’s Insurance a Good Idea?

Whenever you’re going to rent a home, apartment, or another place to live, having renter’s insurance is always a good idea. Why? You can never predict when a storm might occur and damage your belongings or when a criminal might decide to burglarize your home and steal your personal items. Renter’s insurance will pay you for the value of your belongings at the time of the incident, which will enable you to purchase replacements for the damaged items. 

Consult With Us

As you can see, anytime you’re renting, renter’s insurance is a good idea. While some landlords require it, not all of them do. Even if your landlord doesn’t require that you have renter’s insurance, you might want to consider purchasing it. If you’re searching for a new insurance company, Maschoff Insurance covers Ankeny, IA, and we provide renter’s insurance among other types of coverage. Many customers like the option of combining insurance and saving a bit on their rates. Whatever your goals are, give us a call today so we can provide you with a quote. 

My RV isn’t motorized. Do I need insurance?

RVs come in many different sizes and types, some with motors and some without. As a result, it may be difficult to determine if there are insurance requirements for RVs and if so, what the requirements are. Our Maschoff Insurance team understands that understanding insurance requirements is confusing. As a result, our Ankeny, IA team is committed to eliminating the confusion. 

What is RV Insurance?

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance in that it includes liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage for motorized RVs. Motorized RVs must be covered by auto liability insurance. However, if you’re financing your RV, you’ll be required to carry full overage insurance until your RV is paid for in full. RVs are motorized homes on wheels. This is why, like cars, auto liability coverage is required to legally drive an RV on the streets and highways of Iowa. Motorized RVs are vehicles as well as cars.

My RV isn’t motorized. Do I need insurance?

No. You don’t have to carry RV insurance in the state of Iowa if your RV isn’t motorized. Insurance is optional for non-motorized RVs unless you are financing your RV. In that case, your lender may require you to carry full coverage insurance. Motorized RVs fall under the same laws as cars because they are motorized homes on wheels and use the same streets and highways that cars do. Instead, a non-motorized RV is covered by auto insurance that covers the car or cars used to pull or tow the RV.

If you have questions regarding insurance requirements for RVs, call us at Maschoff Insurance. We’d be happy to help you explore your options in Ankeny, IA and surrounding areas. 

Four motorcycle insurance features to be aware of

Motorcycle insurance is essential for bikers in Ankeny, IA. At Maschoff Insurance, we’re here to insure your bike. There are plenty of great motorcycle insurance features that area consumers should be aware of.

The following are four motorcycle insurance features to be aware of. 

Liability coverage for property damage

Liability coverage for property damage is one of the most important components of a motorcycle insurance policy. You need to have property damage covered by your policy so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket if you damage the property of another party in a motorcycle accident. 

Coverage for guest passengers

You need to invest in guest passenger coverage if you frequently have a passenger on your bike. It’s important to make sure that your policy includes this type of coverage since a standard motorcycle insurance policy won’t always include guest-passenger coverage. 

Coverage for custom parts

Investing in custom parts can significantly increase the value of your bike. You need to make sure that your motorcycle insurance coverage reflects the value of custom parts that your bike includes. Many motorcycle insurance providers offer coverage for custom parts so that the full value of a policyholder’s bike is covered.

Diminishing deductibles

A diminishing deductible is a great feature that allows policyholders to enjoy a lower deductible if they haven’t filed a claim for a certain period of time. You should definitely look out for this feature and take advantage of it if you don’t need to file a claim for a long time. 

Reach Out To Us

At Maschoff Insurance, we’re here to come to your assistance when you need motorcycle insurance in Ankeny, IA. Call us today to get a quote on a policy. 

You Sank My Fishing Boat!

You knew this might happen. Boats are fun for those weekend fishing trips, but boats take damage, and they may sink. So you did the smart thing and took out an insurance policy on your boat.

The bad news is that your vessel of pride and joy is at the bottom of Lake Red Rock. The good news is you may be able to collect enough money to buy a new boat. Trust us, getting that money will be easier than hauling Old Betsy back on shore. 

File that Claim

First, make sure everyone involved is safe. Once you’re sure of that, report the loss to your insurance company as soon as you possibly can. Give them all the details. If necessary, you may file a government report. You may need one in certain claims such as if criminal activity was involved. (Not on your behalf, we kindly assume.)

Document all the damage that took place. This may require some underwater photography. If you think your boat can be repaired, wait until your insurer has all the information necessary to make a claim. An exception would be anything time-sensitive, of course. In any case, if you need repairs get them done by a professional. Work together with your insurance agent, and you may stand to collect enough to repair or replace your boat. Do not discuss the fault or cause of the accident with anyone. 

Maschoff Insurance Serving Ankeny, IA 

If you are in the Ankeny, IA area and have a boat you’d like insured, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Maschoff Insurance. We are dedicated to knowledgeable service and helping you the client get everything you deserve so that you can continue on with many years of happy sailing. 

Umbrella Insurance As A Tax Write-Off

If you bought an Ankeny, IA duplex with the intent of renting it out, then you’ve established a business. Businesses are liable for damages and injuries, so they need the proper insurance. Umbrella policies represent extra coverage when a court-ordered award is granted. Are these insurance premiums a tax write-off?

Yes. These are considered business expenses. An umbrella policy acts as a supplement to a business’ regular insurance and so is tax-deductible. That doesn’t go for a percentage of the premiums, it goes for the entire thing. Maschoff Insurance wants you to know these things about umbrella insurance as a tax write-off.

When This Isn’t The Case

A personal umbrella policy can’t be used to benefit a business; you’d have to purchase a commercial umbrella policy. This isn’t the case when you own multiple properties that you rent out. 

It’s a gray area requiring professionals well-versed in commercial tax deductions, to wit: technically, the properties constitute a business, but under some circumstances, you can include them on a personal umbrella policy. Here’s a pro tip: Get an accountant who understands where the line between personal and business tax write-offs is located.

Business umbrella policies are often written off due to their “necessary” nature, which is self-explanatory. If this policy is commercial, it could be entirely deductible. If only half the umbrella covers Ankeny, IA rental properties, then only half the premiums can be deducted.

Some landlords form an LLC when they own multiple properties. In the case of an accident, the insurance sometimes isn’t enough. The landlord with an umbrella policy would be covered.

Schedule A Consultation Today!

There are a few areas of umbrella insurance and tax write-offs that aren’t quite as black-and-white as we would wish. When you have questions about these and other umbrella insurance areas, call Maschoff Insurance or come into the office to learn more about it.

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