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Iowa Renters insurance coverage

Renters Insurance in Iowa

Renters insurance is an ideal investment for renters regardless of the house they rent, whether an apartment, condo, or just a room. Renters insurance covers a policyholder’s liabilities, belongings, and possibly living costs if a loss event occurs. If you reside in Ankeny, IA, or any part of Iowa, you should consider purchasing renters’ insurance from a reputable insurer like Maschoff Insurance Agency LLC.

Personal property coverage

Personal insurance policies cover a person’s personal property. The coverage protects a person’s belongings from damage, theft, or destruction in a covered peril. Personal property coverage reimburses the policyholder for their items even if they get damaged in their properties.

Liability coverage

When a person enrolls in a renters insurance policy, they have the opportunity to select how much liability coverage they need. Renters insurance liability coverage has two components:

  • Personal liability coverage: protects a person if they are found responsible for damage or harm experienced by another person. These damages include bodily injury and property damage, such as if an item falls from a house’s window and damages a neighbor's car.
  • Medical payments to others coverage: This coverage reimburses the renter if they suffer an injury while in their home.

Loss-Of-Use Coverage

If a covered peril makes someone’s home uninhabitable, their renter's insurer helps pay for their stay in another place. Loss-of-use coverage is a renters insurance provision that pays for extra costs incurred when the policyholder relocates from their home. The loss-of-use coverage payments are outlined in the renter's insurance policy’s declaration form. Similar to other renter’s insurance categories, the policyholder decides on how much coverage they want to purchase.

In Iowa, Renters insurance is a worthy investment. If you have rented a house in Ankeny, IA, you should consider purchasing renters’ insurance. At Maschoff Insurance Agency LLC, we are ready to help and offer renters insurance coverage based on your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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