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October 2011

Q&A:  Health Insurance Questions Answered

Q)  What are the major types of individual health insurance policies?

A) There are many variations of health insurance policies. The two most common are major medical and disability.

Q)  What is a major medical health insurance policy?

A) The most common form of individual or group health insurance is a major medical health policy. It provides benefits for sickness or injury, regardless of whether the care is provided at a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital.  The types of sickness and injury covered are broad, but there are always limitations that should be discussed with your agent before purchasing the coverage.  Major medical policies normally have an annual deductible and a lifetime maximum amount of benefits that will be paid.

Q)  Do I need an individual policy if I have group insurance at work?

A)  Maybe.  Many factors must be considered, such as:  Do I plan to remain at my current job?  What current benefits does my employer provide, and are they sufficient?  Are there certain benefits that are not provided, or that are limited in a way that leaves a gap in my coverages?  Are there members of my family who are not adequately covered, or are ineligible, for my group benefits?

Q)  What does a disability income policy do? 

Disability income is a form of health insurance that is designed to provide you with an income during the time you are unable to work due to illness or injury. 

Do you have more questions about major medical and/or disability insurance?  Send us your questions via email or contact us by phone at (515) 964-3195.

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